Hosts report

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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The following figure shows an example of a hosts report. The table following the figure describes the items in the report. When a host is registered to more than one port, more than one record shows information about the same host.



Port Location Name of the port
Type Port type
Port Internal WWN Port WWN
Port Security Port security setting
Host Group Name / iSCSI Target Alias Name of the host group / alias of the iSCSI target
iSCSI Target Name Name of the iSCSI target
Host Mode Host mode of the host group
Host Mode Option Host group host mode option. When more than one host mode option is specified, they are separated by semicolons (;)
Host Name Name of the host that can access the LU path through the port
HBA WWN / iSCSI Name Host WWN (16-digit hexadecimal) or host iSCSI name