Enabling and disabling user accounts

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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Use the following procedure to allow or prevent a user from logging in to Device Manager - Storage Navigator.

If a user account is disabled because the password validity period elapsed or the maximum number of login attempts was exceeded, use the following procedure to re-enable the user account.

Note: To re-enable a user account whose password validity period has elapsed, reset the password before the end of the day (23:59 local time or earlier). If the password is not reset, the user account is disabled again.
  • Log into an account that is different from the user whose account that you want to disable.
  • You must have the Security Administrator (View & Modify) role to perform this task.
  1. In the Device Manager - Storage Navigator Administration tree, click User Groups.
  2. On the User Group tab, select the user group.
  3. On the Users tab, select a user.
  4. Click Edit User.
  5. Click the Account Status check box, then click Disable.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. In the Confirm window, check the settings.
  8. Click Apply. The task is now registered. If the Go to tasks window for status check box is checked, the Tasks window opens to show the status of the task.