Setting up email notification for password expiration

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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Use the following procedure to configure the email notification information settings required to notify the user that the password will expire.

  • You must have the Storage Administrator (Initial Configuration) role to perform this task.
  • You must have installed a mail server that supports Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
  • You must open Port 25 if a firewall is used (because Port 25 is used for communication between the SVP and the mail server).
  1. From the Settings menu in the Device Manager - Storage Navigator main window, select User Management > Password Expiration Email Notification.
  2. Enter Mail Address (From) (required) and Mail Address (Reply-To) (optional).
    You can use up to 255 characters with alphanumeric characters and the following symbols:

    ! # $ % & ` + - * / ' ^ { } _ . = ? @ | ~

  3. Enter the settings for Mail Server.
    • Identifier: Select Identifier to specify the host name.You can use up to 63 characters with alphanumeric characters and the following symbols: ! $ % ( ) ` - _ . @ ~
    • IPv4: Select IPv4 to set the IPv4 address with four numbers between 0 and 255.

      Example: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, where XXX indicates a number.

    • IPv6: Select IPv6 to set the IPv6 address with eight hexadecimal alphanumeric characters between 0 and FFFF. You can also use an IPv6 address in abbreviated format.

      Example: YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY, where YYY indicates a hexadecimal number.

  4. In SMTP Authentication, select Enabled (to use SMTP authentication) or Disabled (to not use SMTP authentication). If you select Enabled, also enter the account name and password that you use for SMTP authentication.
    You can enter up to 255 characters with alphanumeric characters and the following symbols:

    ! $ % ( ) ' - _ . @ ~

  5. In Send Test Email To, enter an email address, and click Email Send Test to test the settings.
    Confirm that you received the test email.

    If you do not receive the email notification, verify the settings and update as needed.

  6. Click Finish.
  7. In the Confirm window, check the settings, and then enter a task name in Task Name.
  8. Click Apply to apply the settings to the storage system.
    The task is now registered. If Go to tasks window for status was checked, the Tasks window opens to show the status of the task.