Resource group assignments

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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All resource groups are normally assigned to the Security Administrator and the Audit Log Administrator.

Each resource group has a designated Storage Administrator who can access only their assigned resources and cannot access other resources.

All resource groups to which all resources in the storage system belong can be assigned to a user group. Configure this in Device Manager - Storage Navigator by setting All Resource Groups Assigned to Yes.

A user who has All Resource Groups Assigned set to Yes can access all resources in the storage system. For example, if a user is a Security Administrator (with View & Modify privileges) and a Storage Administrator (with View and Modify privileges) and All Resource Groups Assigned is Yes on that user account, the user can edit the storage for all the resources.

If allowing this access becomes a problem with security on the storage system, then register the following two user accounts and use these different accounts for different purposes.

  • A user account for a Security Administrator where All Resource Groups Assigned is set to Yes.
  • A user account for a Storage Administrator who does not have all resource groups assigned and has only some of the resource groups assigned.