Verifying the roles available to a user group

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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You can use Device Manager - Storage Navigator to verify the roles that are available to use with any user group.

You can assign users to one or more built-in user groups and custom user groups. You cannot change roles or resource groups set to the built-in groups, but you can create custom user groups according to the needs of your storage environment.

You must have the Security Administrator (View Only) role to perform this task.

  1. In the Device Manager - Storage Navigator Administration tree, click User Administration.
  2. On the User Groups tab, click the name (not the checkbox) of a user group whose roles you want to check.
  3. In the User Administration window, click the Roles tab. The list of roles applied to the selected user group is displayed.
  4. To return to the User Administration window, click User Administration.