Downloading dump files using the Dump tool

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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Use the Dump tool to download dump files onto a Device Manager - Storage Navigator computer. The downloaded dump files can be used to:

  • Troubleshoot the system. Use the Dump tool to download dump files from the SVP to provide to customer support.
  • Check the system configuration. Click File > Refresh All to update the configuration information, and then use the Dump tool to download the dump files.
  • Verify that all other users (including the SVP user) have stopped using the Dump tool.
  • Stop all maintenance operations.
  • You must have Support Personnel role to log in.
  • You must be an external authentication user whose external user group mapping is disabled.
  1. Start a web browser and specify the following URL to open the Tool Panel:
  2. Click Download Dump Files. The Login dialog box opens.
  3. Enter the user ID and password and click Login. The Download Dump Files dialog box opens.
  4. Select a file that you want to download.
    • Existing Dump Files indicates the last dump file that you downloaded. Select this when you want to re-download a previously downloaded dump file. If you have not downloaded any dump files from the Tool Panel, this item does not display even if you have acquired a dump file via SVP.
    • Normal Dump includes all information about the SVP and the minimum information about the storage system. Select this when you have a less serious problem such as incorrect display.
    • Detail Dump includes all information about the SVP and the storage system. Select this when Device Manager - Storage Navigator has a serious problem (for example, Device Manager - Storage Navigator does not start) or when you need to determine if the storage system has a problem.
    • Detail Dump (for DKC Performance) contains the I/O-performance-related information. This includes performance monitor collection information, in addition to information applicable to Detail Dump. Choose Detail Dump (for DKC Performance) to check for I/O performance problems.

      Note that while processing takes place, DKC I/O performance may be affected. During processing, you cannot use Device Manager - Storage Navigator to change the system configuration or perform SVP maintenance operations.

  5. Click Next. A message appears confirming the execution of compression of the dump files.
  6. Click OK. File compression processing starts. When the file is compressed, the Download Dump Files dialog box opens for the download.
  7. Click Download. The File Download dialog box opens.
  8. On the File Download dialog box, click Save this file to disk, and then click OK. The Save As dialog box opens.
  9. Specify the download destination, and then click Save. When the file is downloaded successfully, the Download complete dialog box opens.