License key types and prerequisite software

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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License key types

The following table lists and describes the types of license keys.
Type Description Effective term* Estimating licensed capacity
Permanent For purchase No limit Required
Term For purchase 365 days Required
Temporary For trial use before purchase (try and buy) 120 days Not required
Emergency For emergency use 30 days Not required

* When you log in to Device Manager - Storage Navigator, a warning message appears if 45 days or fewer remain before the license expires.

When you install a license key, it is automatically enabled and the timer on the license starts at that time. To preserve time on a term key license, you can disable the license without uninstalling it. When you need to use the software again, you can re-enable the license.

You can use software with licensed capacity for a term key by installing a term key and overwriting a permanent key as long as the term key is valid. If the term key expires while the system is being used and the capacity needed for the operation is insufficient, operations that you can perform are limited. In this case, a SIM that indicates the term key expiration (reference code 7ff7xx) is output on the Alerts tab in the Storage Systems window.

Note: When you need to enable a license key, install the prerequisite software first, and then enable the key. If you install the software after you enable the key, the software will install correctly but will be disabled.

Prerequisite software

The following table lists the software products that have prerequisite software. The prerequisite software must be installed before you can install the software product. If the prerequisite software becomes unusable during operations, the software product also becomes unusable.

Software product Prerequisite software
Universal Replicator TrueCopy
Remote Replication Extended Universal Replicator
Server Priority Manager Performance Monitor
Dynamic Tiering Dynamic Provisioning
Thin Image Dynamic Provisioning
Thin Image Advanced Dynamic Provisioning and Adaptive Data Reduction
Active flash Dynamic Tiering
Dedupe and compression Dynamic Provisioning