Requirements for Windows-based management clients

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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The management client must meet hardware and software requirements to run Device Manager - Storage Navigator (HDvM - SN) in a Windows® environment.

Hardware requirements for the management client (Windows)

Item Requirement
Processor (CPU) Windows 11:
  • 64-bit compatible processor with 2 cores or more at 2.1 GHz or better

    (Recommended: 64-bit compatible processor with 4 cores or more at 2.1 GHz or better)

Other than Windows 11:

  • Pentium 4 640 3.2 GHz or better

    (Not dependent on a specific CPU vendor or processor family. Core2Duo E6540 2.33 GHz or better is recommended.)

  • Celeron G1820 2.7 GHz (2 cores) or better

    (Not dependent on a specific CPU vendor or processor family.)

Memory (RAM)

Windows 11: 8 GB or more (Recommended: 16 GB or more)

Other than Windows 11: 2 GB or more (Recommended: 3 GB or more)

Available storage space 500 MB or more (+ 80 MB for each managed storage system)

When HDvM - SN is using Adobe® AIR® from HARMAN™, an additional 80 MB of free space is required for each storage system managed by HDvM - SN.

Monitor True Color 32-bit or better Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or better
Keyboard and mouse You cannot use the mouse wheel feature.
Ethernet LAN card for TCP/IP network 100BASE-TX


Software requirements for the management client (Windows)

Set the locale of the HDvM - SN management client to either English or Japanese.

Note: To use the storage management software and SVP software on the SVP, you must log in to the SVP as a user with administrator permissions.

On a Windows management client, you can use HDvM - SN with Adobe AIR from HARMAN. The following table specifies the requirements for using HDvM with AIR. The combinations and versions of operating system, architecture, browser, and TLS specified below are fixed requirements. Using other combinations or versions might produce unpredictable results such as the inability to use the HDvM - SN windows.

  • Some Device Manager - Storage Navigator operations are performed using the HDvM - SN secondary window that runs within Java.
  • Use software (including the OS) that is currently supported by the vendor. We do not guarantee the operations using software that has expired.

Requirements for using HDvM with AIR from HARMAN

Operating system Architecture Web browser TLS
Windows 114 64 bit Microsoft Edge 102.0 and later5

Google Chrome 102.0 and later


TLS1.2 must be enabled. AIR does not support TLS1.3.

Windows 103 64 bit Microsoft Edge 92.0 and later1

Google Chrome 63.0 and later

Internet Explorer 11.02

Windows 8.16 64 bit Microsoft Edge 92.0 and later1

Google Chrome 48.0 and later

Internet Explorer 11.02


  1. Microsoft Edge is supported on the SVP with the following firmware versions:
    • 90-07-03/xx and later
    • 90-06-22/10 and later within 90-06-xx/xx
    • 90-05-03/23 and later within 90-05-03/xx
  2. Only the latest version of Internet Explorer that runs on each operating system is supported according to Microsoft® Support Policy.
  3. Internet Explorer 11 (delivered via the Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel (SAC)) is no longer supported by Microsoft. For this reason, you should use a different browser.
  4. Windows 11 is supported by SVP firmware versions 90-08-81/00 and later.
  5. The Internet Explorer mode (IE mode) of Microsoft Edge is not supported.
  6. This operating system is no longer supported. Use an operating system that is currently supported by the vendor.