Applying changes made in Device Manager - Storage Navigator

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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When applying changes in Device Manager - Storage Navigator, be aware of the following behavior:

  • When an internal process is running on the SVP (for example, a configuration change, option check, or an operational information acquisition), Device Manager - Storage Navigator processing might be temporarily delayed.
  • If you request a change to the storage system configuration in the secondary window while another change is being made, an error message appears.

    If the error occurs while you are logging in or clicking Apply to implement changes, wait a few minutes, then retry the operation.

    If the error occurs while you are either switching between Modify mode and View mode or switching tabs, wait a few minutes, click Refresh on the File menu, and then retry the operation.

  • When the SVP firmware is being updated, you must exit and restart all web client sessions on the Device Manager - Storage Navigator management client.
  • When you use Device Manager - Storage Navigator on Windows, the Add or Remove Programs window in the Windows Control Panel might or might not display Device Manager - Storage Navigator. Device Manager - Storage Navigator works in either case.