Create User confirmation window

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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Selected Users

The following table describes the fields and settings used to create a new user account.



User Name

User name to be created.

Account Status

Account statuses. The following statuses are available:

Enabled: The user can use the account.

Disabled: The user cannot use the account or log in to Device Manager - Storage Navigator.


Authentication methods. The following methods are available:

Local: Does not use authentication server. Uses a dedicated password for Device Manager - Storage Navigator.

External: Uses authentication server.


Password that the user enters for login.

User Group Name

User group name where the user is added.

Require Password Change on First Login Whether to require a user to change the password on the first login:
  • Yes: The user must change the password on the first login.
  • No: The user does not need to change the password on the first login.
  • - (hyphen): The user uses an authentication server.

This function is disabled if No is selected on the User Account Policies window, or if No is selected on both the Create User and Edit User windows. To enable this function, you must select Yes on the User Account Policies window and also on either the Create User window or the Edit User window.

E-mail Address Email address of the user (optional).

A hyphen (-) is displayed if no email address has been entered.