Port Condition window

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

Part Number

You can view information for each DKC on the tab for that DKC (for example, DKC-0). These DKC tabs are displayed only for DKCs that are installed.

  • Ports not allocated to the user are indicated with Not Available.
  • Except for the Condition column, there may be a difference between the actual device configuration and the displayed information depending on the update timing of the storage system.
  • You can view the port condition information only for the selected DKC. You cannot view the port condition information for multiple DKCs at the same time.

Refresh: Updates the window display to the latest status.

Number of Ports



Available (Connected)

Number of ports in use

Available (Not Connected)

Number of ports that are installed but not in use

Not Available

Total number of ports that are installed but blocked

Not Installed

Ports not installed

Port Condition



Channel Board

Name of the channel board (Channel board is also called a front-end director.)

Board Type

Type of the channel board, for example, Fibre: 4HF32R (Fibre), FICON32G: 4Mx32 (Mfibre).

Port ID

Port identifier


Port attribute

  • Channel board type is Fibre: Target, Bidirectional, HTP, or FNP
  • When no port is assigned to the user, a hyphen (-) is displayed.


Port Condition icon and port status

  • Available (Connected): The port is installed and in use.
  • Available (Not Connected): The port is installed and available
  • Not Installed: The port is either not installed or cannot be used.
  • Not Available: The port is either blocked or not assigned to the user.


Data transfer speed of the port is displayed in gigabits per second, for example: 10 Gbps, 32 Gbps.

If Auto is set for Port Speed in the Edit Ports window, this item is displayed as "Auto" and the port speed, for example: Auto (10 Gbps), Auto (16 Gbps), Auto (32 Gbps).

The values in the parentheses are set by the storage system. If linkup is not made, a hyphen (-) is displayed.

A hyphen (-) is displayed for the ports not assigned to the user.

For details of the Edit Ports window, see the Provisioning Guide.

For information about the availability of the 32 Gbps SFPs, contact customer support.

SFP Data Transfer Rate

Displays the maximum transfer rate of SFP that the mounted package supports.

If a hyphen (-) is displayed, you can confirm the SFP maximum data transfer rate by checking the channel board type displayed in Board Type:

  • 4Mx16 (Mfibre): 16 Gbps
  • 4Mx32 (Mfibre): 32 Gbps


WWN/iSCSI name of the port


Displays a window for outputting table information

Edit Mainframe Fibre Ports

Opens the Edit Ports window used to set FICON® ports.