Backing up HDvM - SN configuration files

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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You can restore the backup copies of one or more configuration files if it becomes necessary.

  • You must be an external authentication user whose external user group mapping is disabled.
  1. Start a web browser and enter the following URL to open the tool panel:
  2. Click Control Panel to open the Control Panel.
  3. Enter the user ID and password and click Login.
  4. Click the Download tab to open the Download file window.
  5. Click the files to be downloaded. You can download only the files for which you have permission.
  6. Click Submit. The Download File dialog box shows the list of the files to be downloaded.
  7. Click Download. The File Download dialog box opens.
  8. Click Save. The Save As dialog box opens.
  9. Specify the name of a folder to save the compressed file, and then click Save to start downloading.
  10. Decompress the downloaded *.tgz file as required. To decompress the *.tgz file, use a tool supporting tar and gzip.