Solving SNMP problems

Alert Notification Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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The following problems can occur:
SNMP security function
If the SNMP security function is working, and a command is executed from an IP address that is not entered, you will get a "no reply" return, and a certification error is received for a trap.
SNMP cold trap function
  • Depending on your network environment, you might not receive SNMP agent cold traps when the SVP is rebooted.
  • The SNMP agent might report Link up/Link down Trap when the SVP reboots.
  • A number of Link up/Link down Traps may be reported when the SVP OS is Windows 7.
Abnormal response to SNMP command
If an error occurs in the SVP, traps might not be sent.
While SVP High Reliability Kit is installed (by maintenance personnel)
  • Traps might not be reported for errors that occur during installation.
  • SNMP commands might not respond normally.
  • Cold traps might be reported repeatedly.
  • Traps could be reported to an IP address that is not specified in SNMP settings.
Traps cannot be reported

Perform the following:

  • Restart the SNMP Manager, or reregister the storage systems to be monitored on the SNMP Manager.
  • Confirm that traps can be reported. (See Testing the SNMP trap report.)
  • Obtain the trap history in MIB raidExMibTrapListTable from the SNMP Manager, and then perform proper storage management for traps that are not yet confirmed. For details about the format of the trap history, see raidExMibTrapListTable.