Testing the SNMP trap report

Alert Notification Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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This topic describes the procedure to test the SNMP trap report.

After you perform this procedure, the test SNMP trap (reference code: 7fffff) is sent to the SNMP Manager registered in the community.

You must have the Storage Administrator (Initial Configuration) role to perform this task.

For more information, see the System Administrator Guide.

  1. Display the Device Manager - Storage Navigator main window.
  2. From the Settings menu, select Environmental Setting > Edit Alert Settings.
  3. Click the SNMP tab.
  4. Click Send Test SNMP Trap.
    The test SNMP trap is reported to the IP address registered in the storage system. The events registered in the storage system are reported instead of the events that are set on the SNMP tab. If you want to test the events set on the SNMP tab, click Finish and apply the changes to the storage system, and then report the test SNMP trap.
  5. Verify that the SNMP trap report (reference code 7fffff) is received by the SNMP manager registered in the community.