Managing SNMP trap notification

Alert Notification Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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Use the procedure for the SNMP version you use to set SNMP trap notification. The items to specify are different depending on the SNMP version.


Required operations on the SNMP Manager after maintenance

If you are using SNMP v3, and authentication and encryption are enabled for traps, the following operations are required on the SNMP Manager after maintenance operations (including replacement of controller boards). If you are asked by maintenance personnel, perform the following operations.

To check whether the SNMP version is SNMP v3, in the maintenance utility, check the setting for SNMP version in the SNMP tab in the Alert Notifications window. To check whether authentication or encryption is enabled for traps, check the setting for Sending Trap Setting in the SNMP tab in the Set Up Alert Notifications window.

  • Restart the SNMP Manager, or reregister the storage systems to be monitored on the SNMP Manager.
  • Test trap reports. (See Testing the SNMP trap report.)
  • Obtain the trap history in MIB raidExMibTrapListTable from the SNMP Manager, and then perform proper storage management for traps that are not yet confirmed. For details about the format of the trap history, see raidExMibTrapListTable.