Downloading syslog files

Audit Log User Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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Syslog files stored in the storage system can be downloaded to the Device Manager - Storage Navigator computer as necessary. It takes from one to five minutes to download the syslog file.

Note: If you download syslog files of a storage system whose controller model was upgraded, the storage system name in the Hardware identification item becomes the storage system name after upgrade.
  • You must have Audit Log Administrator (View Only) or Audit Log Administrator (View & Modify) role to download syslog files.
  1. Click Settings > Security > Edit Audit Log Settings. Click the Syslog tab on the Edit Audit Log Settings window.
  2. Select Transfer Protocol. The output file format is different by the selected protocol.
  3. Click Download Syslog. The Specify the Destination dialog box appears.
  4. Enter the destination and the file name and click Save.