Downloading audit log files

Audit Log User Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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Download the audit log files to Device Manager - Storage Navigator computer to prevent the old data from being overwritten. It takes from one to five minutes to download the audit log file.

Do not download the audit log file to the Device Manager - Storage Navigator computer if the audit log is set to be transferred to an FTP server. Some information may not be transferred to the FTP server because the line counter resets when the audit log file is manually downloaded. Download the file only when the FTP server has failed and cannot receive the audit log file. If you want to transfer the audit log to the FTP server after downloading the log, transfer it manually. See Manually transferring audit log files to FTP servers for more information.
  • You must have Audit Log Administrator (View Only) or Audit Log Administrator (View & Modify) role to download audit log files.
  1. Click Audit Log on the menu bar of the Device Manager - Storage Navigator main window. The Audit Log Properties window opens. Each icon displayed on the menu bar indicates the accumulated status of the audit log information.
    • indicates that the number of saved lines is below the threshold.
    • indicates that the number of saved lines is above the threshold, but the data is still being saved.
    • indicates that the number of saved lines has exceeded the maximum, and data is partly lost because the newest lines overwrote the oldest lines.
  2. Click Download to open the Save As dialog box. This operation downloads both the auditlog information file 1 and the auditlog information file 2.
  3. Select a destination for the file and click Save.
  4. Click Close to close the Audit Log Properties window.