Managing tasks

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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You can use Device Manager - Storage Navigator to handle multiple tasks without interruption.

Because Device Manager - Storage Navigator operations are executed in the background, you start the next task immediately after performing the previous one. You keep track of your tasks' progress by entering a task name during each Device Manager - Storage Navigator procedure and then tracking its status and other information using the Tasks window.

  • Each procedure you perform requires a task name. For example, when you provision or configure the system, create a pair, or any other procedure, you must assign a name for the task.
  • Each task is queued and then processed by the storage system in the order of its arrival.
Note: You cannot use a secondary window to make any settings while a task in the main window has a status of In Progress, Waiting, or Suspended.

Only one task is executed at the same time, except for the following. In the case of the following operations, the next task may be executed before the current task completes or fails.

  • Create LDEVs
  • Format LDEVs
  • Shred LDEVs
  • Shrink Pool
  • Edit Encryption