Using the Device Manager - Storage Navigator main window

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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You can perform operations by using the main window and wizards.

  1. Click a function in the resource tree in the Explorer.

  2. If necessary, choose a tab and use a filter to reduce the number of items in the table.

  3. Select an item in the table and click a button to open a wizard.

  4. Set options in the wizard and click Finish to confirm the setting.
  5. Enter a task name and click Apply to apply the setting to the storage system. The setting is queued as a task and performed in order.
    Tip: To open the task window after closing the wizard, select Go to tasks window for status and click Apply in the wizard.

  6. Open the task window to verify the result of the operation. A task can be suspended or canceled if the processing of the task is not started.