Power Consumption report

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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The following figure shows an example of a power consumption report. A record is created every two hours for each power consumption and temperature monitoring data. The table following the figure describes the items in the report.

  • If the storage system is turned off, no records are created. If the system is in maintenance mode or if the SVP is rebooted, up to 2 hours of records could be lost.
  • If a failure occurs in the storage system, the correct information might not be output.
  • If the power and temperature information cannot be acquired due to a unit or network failure, a hyphen(-) is displayed.

Item Description
Power Consumption Average (W) Average of the power consumption
Power Consumption Maximum (W) Maximum of the power consumption
Power Consumption Minimum (W) Minimum of the power consumption
TEMP:HSNBX0-HSNPANEL0 Average (°C) Average temperature of HSNBX0:HSNPANEL0
TEMP:HSNBX0-HSNPANEL0 Maximum (°C) Maximum temperature of HSNBX0:HSNPANEL0
TEMP:HSNBX0-HSNPANEL0 Minimum (°C) Minimum temperature of HSNBX0:HSNPANEL0
TEMP:HSNBX1-HSNPANEL1 Average (°C) Average temperature of HSNBX1:HSNPANEL1
TEMP:HSNBX1-HSNPANEL1 Maximum (°C) Maximum temperature of HSNBX1:HSNPANEL1
TEMP:HSNBX1-HSNPANEL1 Minimum (°C) Minimum temperature of HSNBX1:HSNPANEL1
TEMP:DKC0-Cluster1 Average (°C) Average temperature of DKC0:CL1
TEMP:DKC0-Cluster1 Maximum (°C) Maximum temperature of DKC0:CL1
TEMP:DKC0-Cluster1 Minimum (°C) Minimum temperature of DKC0:CL1
TEMP:DKC0-Cluster2 Average (°C) Average temperature of DKC0:CL2
TEMP:DKC0-Cluster2 Maximum (°C) Maximum temperature of DKC0:CL2
TEMP:DKC0-Cluster2 Minimum (°C) Minimum temperature of DKC0:CL2
TEMP:DKC1-Cluster1 Average (°C) Average temperature of DKC1:CL1
TEMP:DKC1-Cluster1 Maximum (°C) Maximum temperature of DKC1:CL1
TEMP:DKC1-Cluster1 Minimum (°C) Minimum temperature of DKC1:CL1
TEMP:DKC1-Cluster2 Average (°C) Average temperature of DKC1:CL2
TEMP:DKC1-Cluster2 Maximum (°C) Maximum temperature of DKC1:CL2
TEMP:DKC1-Cluster2 Minimum (°C) Minimum temperature of DKC1:CL2
Table. Power Consumption report for DKU00
Item Description
TEMP:DKU00-DBS000-1 Average (°C)

TEMP:DKU00-DBS000-1 Maximum (°C)

TEMP:DKU00-DB000-1 Minimum (°C)

… ,TEMP:DKU00-DB007-2 Average (°C)

TEMP:DKU00-DB-2 Maximum (°C)

TEMP:DKU00-DB-2 Minimum (°C)

Average temperature, maximum temperature, and minimum temperature of the drive box (DB) for the two-hour period. Outputs in the following format:

TEMP:DKUXX-DBYYY-DBPSYYY-A Average, Maximum, or Minimum (°C)

  • DKUXX: DKU location number (decimal)
  • DBYYY or DBYYY&ZZZ: DB location number

    The display format of DB location numbers differs depending on the type of DB.

    • DBYYY: DBL location number (decimal)
    • DBYYY&ZZZ: Location number of DBS2, DBF3, or DBN (decimal)

      Two DB numbers are written together, and then displayed as one DB location.

  • DBPSYYY-A: DBPS location number
    • YYY: DB location number (decimal)
    • A: DBPS number (1, 2)