Using reports to view storage system information

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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Device Manager - Storage Navigator can generate reports that contain information about your storage system's physical configurations and logical settings. Reports can cover specific areas of the storage system, such as reporting on configuration, ports, channel board, and disk board. You can save reports as comma-separated-value (CSV) files or as HTML files. Tables in the HTML version of the configuration reports are sortable.

Before making changes to a storage system, generate reports of your storage system’s physical configurations and logical settings. Generate a similar report after the changes, and then compare the reports to verify that new settings were made as intended.

If you log in as the user who created the report, you can download / delete only the report created by the user. If you log in as a user with the Storage Administrator (Initial Configuration) role, you can download / delete the reports created by all users.