Service information messages

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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The storage systems generate service information messages (SIM) to identify normal operations. For example, TrueCopy pair status change, as well as service requirements and errors or failures. For assistance with SIMs, contact customer support.

SIMs can be generated by the front-end directors, back-end directors, and the SVP. All SIMs generated by the storage system are stored on the SVP for use by support personnel, displayed by the Device Manager - Storage Navigator software, and reported over SNMP to the open-systems host. The SIM display on Device Manager - Storage Navigator enables users to remotely view the SIMs reported by the attached storage systems. Each time a SIM is generated, the amber Message LED on the control panel turns on. Remote Ops also reports all SIMs to the support center.

SIMs are classified in four severity levels: service, moderate, serious, and acute. The service and moderate SIMs (lowest severity) do not require immediate attention and are addressed during routine maintenance. The serious and acute SIMs (highest severity) are reported to the host system once every eight hours.

Note: If a serious-level or high-level SIM is reported, contact customer support immediately to ensure the problem is being addressed.

The following figure illustrates a typical 32-byte SIM from the storage system. The SIMs are displayed by reference code (RC) and severity. The six-digit RC comprises bytes 22, 23, and 13, identifies the possible error and determines the severity. The SIM type, located in byte 28, indicates which component experienced the error.

Figure. Service information message