TLS Security Settings Communication Test window

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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This section describes the TLS Security Settings Communication Test window features and controls.

Status and tests on the TLS Security Settings window are SVP-Syslog Server, SVP-Key Management Server, SVP-LAP Server, and SVP-HCS Server.

Item Description
Communication Test Tests whether TLS communication is enabled for the following communication paths:
  • SVP – Syslog Server
  • SVP – Key Management Server
  • SVP – LDAP Server
  • SVP – HCS server

The following icons and status indicate the status of each communication path during the Communication Test:

  • : Processing
  • : Normal
  • : Skipped
  • : Error

If a problem occurs during the Communication Test, an error message appears in the field on the dialog box.

  • : Waiting