Parameters defined in user configuration files

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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The following table describes the parameters can be specified in user configuration files.

All parameters are optional. If no value is specified for a parameter, the default value applies. However, if you specify VVolForSnapshot, you must also specify PoolIDForSnapshot. Also note that, If you specify ResourceGroup, VVolForSnapshot and PoolIDForSnapshot ignored.

Parameter name Description
VVolForSnapshot Specifies virtual volumes that can be used by the SMI-S provider.

For details, see VVolForSnapshot parameter.

PoolIDForSnapshot Specifies pools that can be used by the SMI-S provider.

For details, see PoolIDForSnapshot parameter.

ResourceGroup Specifies the resource groups that the SMI-S provider can use.

For details, see ResourceGroup parameter.

PullOperationMaxTime Specifies the timeout value for Pull Operation.

This parameter is optional. If the timeout value is not specified, the default value applies. For details, see PullOperationMaxTime parameter.