Using the term key

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

Part Number

You can purchase the term key to use the software application for a specific number of days. You must estimate a licensed capacity required for using the software application and purchase a license key for the amount of the required capacity.

  • If insufficient license capacity is installed, Not Enough License or Grace Period displays in the status field of the License Keys window.
  • You can enable or disable the term key for each software application. Unlike the temporary key and the emergency key, the number of days the term key is enabled is counted as the number of effective days of the term key rather than the number of elapsed days from the installation date.
  • The number of effective days is decremented by one day when the date changes.

    For example, if the term key is set to be enabled for 150 days during installation and the term key is disabled for 100 days and a total of 250 days have elapsed since the installation, the number of remaining effective days of the term key is 215 days. This is determined by subtracting 150 days from 365 days. By disabling the term key on the days when the software application is not used, you can prevent the unnecessary shortening of the period in which the term key can be used.

  • If the term key is expired, Not Installed displays in the status field of the License Keys window, and the software application is disabled.