Installing license keys using Device Manager - Storage Navigator

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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Use license keys to install software.

  • You must have the Storage Administrator (Initial Configuration) role to perform this task.
  • You must install a license key for each software application before you use it.
  1. From the Administration tree, click License Keys.
  2. In the License Keys window, click Install Licenses.
  3. Select whether to enter a key code or specify a license key file.
    • Key Code: Enter a key code to install the software. In Key Code, enter the license key code for the software.
    • File:  Specify a license key file to install the software. Click Browse and specify the license key file. You can use a file name of up to 200 alphanumeric characters, excluding several symbols (" \ ; : * ? < > | / ,). The file extension is "plk".
  4. Click Add .
  5. In the Selected License Keys table, set the status of license keys for each software application.
    • Enable Licenses: Installs license keys in enabled status. You can select more than one software application to install licenses for.
    • Disable Licenses: Installs license keys in disabled status. You can select more than one software application to install licenses for.
    • Clear All: Delete all license keys from the Selected License Keys table.
  6. Click Finish. The Confirm window opens.
  7. In the Confirm window, check the settings. In the Task Name field, enter a task name.
  8. Click Apply. The task is registered. If the Go to tasks window for status check box is checked, the Tasks window opens.
    If a software installation fails, the Error Message window opens. To display the cause of error, from the Error Message window, select the software and click Detail.