Web browser restrictions while using Device Manager - Storage Navigator

System Administrator Guide for VSP 5000 Series

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When using Device Manager - Storage Navigator (HDvM - SN) in a web browser, observe the following cautions and restrictions:

  • When you use a web browser for a long period of time, memory might be heavily used. Make sure to close and log out of HDvM - SN after each use.
  • Do not change the OS web browser settings (for example, Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options). If you do and see unexpected results, close the web browser and log in to HDvM - SN again.
  • Do not use the following web browser functions: character encoding, text size, the zoom function, the CtrlF (search), CtrlA (select all).
  • If you use Back, Next, or web browser shortcut keys such as F5 and Esc, you will be logged out of HDvM - SN. Any settings you made during the session will be lost.
  • Do not use the button, the Close option in the File menu, or the AltF4 shortcut to close the web browser. To close HDvM - SN, click Logout or File > Close in the HDvM - SN menu.
  • If you click a link that is blank or one for which a hyphen is displayed, nothing happens.
  • In Internet Explorer, the window closes automatically when you click Logout in the HDvM - SN main window.

    In Google Chrome, the window does not close when you log out.