Upgrading UCP Advisor

Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

Part Number

Only users with ucpadmin permissions can perform the upgrade:

Important: UCP Advisor will not be available during the upgrade process.
  1. Log on to the UCP Advisor Master Node VM.
  2. Navigate to the installer directory, and then run one of the following commands to upgrade. At the prompt, enter y.
    • Option 1:
      sudo ./installer multi-node -U -m <Master Node IP address> -w <Worker Node1 IP address> <Worker Node2 IP address> -u <Node username> -p <Node password> -uu <UCP Advisor username> -up <UCP Advisor password>
    • Option 2:
      sudo ./installer multi-node -U --prompt --master-node  <Master Node IP/FQDN address> --worker-nodes  <Worker Node1 IP/FQDN address> <Worker Node2 IP/FQDN address>
      Enter the following details when prompted:
      • Enter NODE username: Enter the node CLI username.
      • Enter UCP Advisor username: Enter the UCP Advisor username.
      • Enter NODE password: Enter the node CLI password.
      • Enter UCP Advisor password: Enter the UCP Advisor password.
    Note: The newly added or existing command devices are automatically provisioned during UCP Advisor upgrade.

    After UCP Advisor is successfully upgraded, the following message is displayed:

    "Congratulations, the upgrade was successful. The UCP Advisor console UI is available at https://<Master Node VM IP address>."