Updating the external Gateway VM

Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

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If you have configured an external Gateway VM, then you must update it to the current version of UCP Advisor. Perform the following steps:

  1. Download the Hitachi-UCP-Advisor-Gateway-9.3.0.ova file from Hitachi Vantara Support.
  2. Note the existing external Gateway VM IP configuration and command devices.
  3. Power off the existing external Gateway VM.
  4. Deploy the Hitachi-UCP-Advisor-Gateway-9.3.0.ova file to vCenter. Use the Gateway VM IP configuration and command device details noted in step 2.
  5. Power on the newly deployed external Gateway VM.
  6. Verify that the command devices are attached to the external Gateway VM.
  7. Using SSH, log on to the external Gateway VM as ucpadmin, and then enter the following commands to restart and verify its services:
    sudo puma_adm -re
    sudo puma_adm -ck