Troubleshooting UCP Advisor VM reboot issues

Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

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Use the following guidelines and suggested steps to help resolve issues when rebooting the UCP Advisor VMs.

UCP Advisor becomes inaccessible after rebooting the Master Node VM, Worker Node1 VM, and Worker Node2 VM even though the pods are still running.
What it Means:
UCP Advisor is not accessible after rebooting the VMs.
Corrective Action:
On the Master Node VM, verify that the UCP Advisor-kong pod status is in the Normal state. Enter:
kubectl get pods -n ucp
If the UCP Advisor-kong pod is in the Init 0/1 state, then restart the UCP Advisor-kong pod. Enter:
kubectl rollout restart deployment ucpadvisor-kong -n ucp
  • After verifying the UCP systems and devices, you can delete both the UCP Advisor 4.5.0 upgrade package and the extracted files from the Master Node VM.
  • After rebooting the UCP Advisor VMs, you must accept the REST API certificate if you are using UCP Advisor in the plugin mode.
  • Install any UCP Advisor patches as needed.