Completing the upgrade

Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

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Perform the following procedure to complete the upgrade.

  1. In a new web browser window, log on to UCP Advisor, and then verify the status of your UCP systems, license information, and UCP Advisor version 4.5.0 details.
  2. (Optional) Provision a new command device or update the existing command devices on the Master Node VM. Enter:
    sudo ./installer  multi-node -U -m master-node <Master Node IP address> -w <Worker Node1 IP address> <Worker Node2 IP address> -u <Node username> -p <Node password> -uu <UCP Advisor username> -up <UCP Advisor password>
    Note: For more command options, enter ./installer --help.
  3. In a web browser, enter the IP address for the Master Node VM, and then log on to the Master Node VM.
    https://<Master Node IP address or FQDN>
  4. If a vCenter is configured, then verify the UCP Advisor plugin from the vCenter. See "Accessing the UCP Advisor plugin" in the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Administration Guide.
  5. Verify that the status of all the UCP system devices are in Normal state.
    Note: If the device status is in Warning state, then upgrade the device to the latest firmware.
  6. (Optional) On each network switch, clear the switch host key configurations:
    • For Ethernet switches, enter:
      clear ssh hosts
    • For Fibre Channel switches, enter:
      sshutil delknownhost
      <IP address of the Master Node VM>
  7. (Optional): Verify the SSL certificate that was generated during UCP Advisor upgrade.
    1. Log on to the Master Node VM as a ucpadmin user.
    2. Navigate to the /var/ucpadvisor/ssl/certs/common folder and run the following command:
      openssl x509 -enddate -noout -in server.crt
  8. Update the firmware on all the devices by uploading the latest firmware bundle. See "Upgrading compute firmware" in the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Administration Guide.
  9. (Optional) Delete the VMware snapshot of each VM after you have successfully upgraded UCP Advisor and performed the post-upgrade verifications from step 1-8.
  10. (Optional) Decommission the UCP Advisor 4.4 external Gateway VM.
  11. (Optional) Using the UCP Advisor plugin, log on to UCP Advisor and re-accept the UCP Advisor REST API certificate. See "Accessing the UCP Advisor plugin" in the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Administration Guide.
    • After upgrading UCP Advisor to version 4.5.0, you can view the preupgrade report, the preupgrade task history, and the post upgrade report from the Settings > Report page.
    • After the upgrade the devices will take about 10 minutes to resume to their original state.