Hitachi-supplied management node

Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

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Hitachi can provide and deploy the management node as part of the UCP Advisor converged infrastructure system.

The following table provides the decision guidelines for installing UCP Advisor on a Hitachi-provided management node:

Criteria Recommended task
Is ESXi installed on the management nodes? Installed by the xDC converged infrastructure team before it is shipped to the customer.
Is VCSA installed on the management nodes? Installed at the customer site by the Hitachi representative.
Are the network settings modified to reflect the correct IP settings? Reassign the management node system component IP addresses to reflect the customer data center.
Is the management node connected to the UCP Advisor converged infrastructure system? Requires a management connection to Cisco 3048 (Management). Requires a Fibre Channel connection to Brocade G620.
Are the management nodes configured in a cluster? If no, ensure that two nodes are set up in a VMware cluster, with VMware high availability enabled on the cluster.
Are there enough resources for UCP Advisor VM components? Refer to UCP Advisor resource requirements to evaluate the resources needed to install UCP Advisor components on the customer management node.
Does the customer require Hitachi Remote Ops management component? Assess the requirements and resources based on the list of components that the customer requires. Verify that high availability and performance issues are taken into consideration.