Hitachi Remote Ops

Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

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Hitachi Remote Ops is the UCP Advisor remote monitoring component. It is used as a "call-home" service and can monitor most of the hardware components in a UCP Advisor system. Hitachi Remote Ops must be installed on a Linux or Windows host.

The Linux or Windows host must connect to the Hitachi Support Center through an Internet connection. After setup, Hitachi Remote Ops automatically gathers inventory and status data and pushes the gathered data to the Hitachi Remote Ops server once per day.

The Hitachi Remote Ops Monitor Agent collects resource data by communicating with the UCP Advisor Remote Ops GET API calls. These Remote Ops GET API calls require authentication.

Use this section as a guide for determining the capabilities and requirements of Hitachi Remote Ops.

For information about installing Hitachi Remote Ops, see: