Importing a license

Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

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UCP Advisor ships with a 60-day trial license that provides you access to all UCP Advisor functionality. After your trial period is over, you are prompted for a subscription license file for one of the available editions of the software.

You must import a license file to continue using UCP Advisor after the 60-day trial period expires. The availability of features is determined by the edition of your license. The Foundation Edition provides basic functionality while the Advanced Edition provides complete functionality. For a complete list of features provided by UCP Advisor, see "UCP Advisor features and functionality" in the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Administration Guide.

  • Contact your Hitachi representative with your UCP Advisor instance system ID, licensed device count, and license edition type. Your Hitachi representative will work with the Hitachi license team with the above information and purchase order information to provide you with a subscription license key file.
  1. Click Settings > License.

    Image of the importing a license file interface

  2. Click Import License
  3. Upload the license file that you received from your Hitachi representative.
  4. Click Upload.
    Your subscription license key appears in the License Information pane along with its type, the ID of the system to which it applies, and the available and total device counts. The Registered Systems pane lists the names of your registered UCP systems, the number of registered devices per device type, and the UCP system models. In the Features pane, the features that are included in your license edition are highlighted in green.