Supported I/O cards: DS120/DS220/DS225/DS240 and DS120/DS220 G2 server models

Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

Part Number

UCP Advisor supports firmware upgrade of the I/O cards listed in the following table for server models: DS120/DS220/DS225/DS240 and DS120 G2/ DS220 G2.

  • During I/O card discovery, unsupported I/O cards are listed as: UNKNOWN.
  • Intel E810 card is not supported in the current release of UCP Advisor.
Type Name Machine Name Firmware Version
NIC Mellanox ConnectX-6 VPI HDR100/EDR/100GbE Adapter Card, PCIe x16 MCX653106A-ECA 20.29.1016
NIC Mellanox ConnectX-6 Lx EN 25GbE Adapter Card , PCIe x16 MCX631102AN-ADA_Ax 26.29.2002
NIC Mellanox ConnectX-6 Lx EN 25GbE Adapter Card, OCP MCX631432AN-ADA_Ax-ocp 26.29.2002
NIC Mellanox ConnectX-5 Lx EN 100GbE QSFP28, PCIe x16 MCX516A-CCA_Ax 16.28.2006
NIC Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx EN 10/25GbE SFP28, OCP Mezz Quanta_S5B_CX4Lx_25G_2P 14.32.1010
NIC Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx EN 10/25GbE SFP28, LP-MD2, PCIe MCX4121A-ACA_Ax 14.32.1010
NIC Intel XXV710-DA2, 10/25/40GbE, PCIe Intel(R)_Ethernet_Network_Adapter_XXV710-2 8.3
NIC Intel X710-TL, 10/25/40GbE, PCIe Intel(R)_Ethernet_Network_Adapter_Intel_X710-TL 8.3
NIC Intel X710-T4L, 10/25/40GbE, PCIe Intel(R)_Ethernet_Network_Adapter_Intel_X710-T4L 8.3
NIC Intel X710-T4L, 10/25/40GbE, OCP Intel(R)_Ethernet_Network_Adapter_Intel_X710-T4L_for_OCP_NIC_3.0 8.3
NIC Intel X710-DA4, 10/25/40GbE, OCP Intel(R)_Ethernet_Network_Adapter_X710-4_for_OCP_NIC_3.0 8.3
NIC Intel X710-DA4, 10/1GbE, PCIe Intel(R)_Ethernet_Converged_Network_Adapter_X710-4 8.3
NIC Intel X710, 10/25/40GbE, PCIe Intel(R)_Ethernet_Controller_X710_for_10GbE_SFP+ 8.3
NIC Intel X710, 10/1GbE, PCIe Intel(R)_Ethernet_Converged_Network_Adapter_X710 8.3
NIC Intel X527-DA4, 10GbE SFP+, OCP Mezz Intel(R)_Ethernet_Connection_X722_for_10GbE_SFP+ 4.3
NIC Intel X557-T4, 10GBase-T, OCP Mezz Intel(R)_Ethernet_Connection_X722_for_10GBASE-T 4.3
NIC Intel I350 T4 PCIe Intel(R)_Ethernet_Server_Adapter_I350-T4 1.5.89
HBA Controller Emulex LPe35002 FC HBA Emulex_LPe35002-M2 12.8.542.26
HBA Controller Emulex LPe32002 FC HBA Emulex_LPe32002-M2 12.8.542.26
HBA Controller Emulex LPe31002 FC HBA Emulex_LPe31002-M6 12.8.542.26
SAS Controller Broadcom SAS9500-16i PCIe LSI_SAS9500-16i
SAS Controller Broadcom SAS9305-16i PCIe LSI_SAS9305-16i
SAS Controller LSI Logic QS-3816 Card LSI_QS3816
SAS Controller LSI Logic QS-3216 Card LSI_QS3216
RAID Controller Broadcom SAS3516 2GB RAID Mezzanine AVAGO_MegaRAID_SAS_PCI_Express_ROMB-QS-3516B 5.100.00-2651
RAID Controller Broadcom 9560-16i MegaRAID_9560-16i_8GB 5.213.00-3222
RAID Controller Broadcom 9460-16i AVAGO_MegaRAID_SAS_9460-16i 5.140.00-3441
RAID Controller LSI Logic QS-3916 Card Type_B_MegaRAID_(4G_DDR)_QS-3916B 5.170.00-3513