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Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

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The UCP Advisor Service Console VM should be deployed on one or more management nodes. The UCP Advisor VM needs a direct connection to all of the converged infrastructure management and Fibre Channel networks.

The UCP Advisor software must be deployed on the Master Node VM. The management node requires a dual connection to ensure full connectivity into the UCP infrastructure. The following figure shows the cluster configuration:

Image showing relationship between the Master Node VM deployed to the management cluster

The different modes of deploying the management nodes are:

  • Customer-supplied node (already existing management node in which UCP Advisor and the necessary components can be installed).
  • Customer uses a Hitachi-supplied DS120 management node.
  • Optional configuration where the UCP Advisor Gateway VM is installed on the compute node, while the UCP Advisor Master Node VM resides on the customer management node.

The management node DS120 front view is shown in the following figure:

UCP Advisor should be deployed on VMware high-availability clustered servers and may coexist with non-mission-critical applications. UCP Advisor should not manage the servers that it is deployed on, with the exception of the UCP Advisor Gateway VM.

Note: If the UCP Advisor Gateway VM is not residing on the management node, then you must migrate the UCP Advisor Gateway VM to another server before you perform disruptive operations (such as power control and firmware update). Once the disruptive operation is completed, the UCP Advisor Gateway VM should be migrated back to the original server to retain command device configuration.

The following table lists the internal structure of the management node:

Resource Quantity
RAM 8x32 GB DDR4 R-DIMM (256 GB) per node
CPUs (2 CPUs per node) Intel Xeon® E5-2680 v4, 14c 2.3 GHz (Skylake configuration)
Local storage 2 TB
Emulex Lpe31002 16/32 GB (Gen6 FC) PCIe
2-port 10 GBE (Intel) OCP Mezzanine card
1 GB dedicated management port