Enabling viewing and managing of inventory in linked UCP systems

Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

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UCP rack-scale (RS) systems leverage the VMware vCenter Enhanced Link Mode to enable you to view and manage multisite VMware infrastructure and link multiple vCenter servers together for increased visibility.

Note: Enhanced Link Mode requires an Advanced Edition license.

After registering the UCP Advisor vCenter plugin and registering a UCP system on the management domain, repeat registration of the UCP Advisor vCenter plugin and UCP systems on each workload domain that you want to link. When you launch UCP Advisor, you will see the systems in the vCenter that you are logged into in the Registered Systems pane, and you will see all of the systems discovered in the linked workload domains in the Discovered Systems pane. You can view and perform all UCP Advisor operations in the inventory on the discovered systems in the same way that you do for the registered systems.

Important: The UCP Advisor VM and the Gateway VM must be able to access all of the devices managed in the management domain and workload domains.

Enhanced link mode for multiple vCenter