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Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

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The required hardware and software must be in place before deploying the UCP Advisor Service Console VM.


Verify that the hardware components at the installation site are in compliance with all requirements.


Verify that the following software requirements have been completed. For additional information, see UCP Advisor predeployment steps.

  • vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) has been deployed.
  • A DNS name (FQDN) is reserved for the Master Node VM.
  • Four IP addresses are prepared for the following:
    • Service Console VM
      Note: This is not required for UCP rack-scale (RS) system
    • Master Node/UCP Advisor VM
    • SCP server
    • (Optional) UCP Advisor Gateway VM

Customer-supplied management node with preinstalled Oracle Linux 8.8

Verify that the following management node requirements have been completed:

  • Either Hitachi-supplied or customer-supplied management node is configured.
  • ESXi is deployed on the management node. If it is not, see UCP Advisor predeployment steps before proceeding.
  • A datastore is configured on the management node.