Provisioning a command device for standalone bare metal server

Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

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If your UCP system uses a storage system, you must provision the standalone bare metal server with a command device. It must be created in the meta_resource resource group.

Image showing Edit Command Device interface with the Enable option selected.
Use the following procedure to provision a new command device to the bare metal server.
(Optional) Update the command devices if they were not attached to the bare metal server before installing UCP Advisor. Perform the following steps:
Note: After provisioning a command device on a bare metal server, perform disk rescan using the Linux SCSI commands.
  1. Using an SSH client, such as PuTTy, log on to the bare metal server as a ucpadmin or a root user.
  2. Navigate to the installer folder.
  3. Run the following command:
    sudo ./installer -U -m <bare metal server IP address> -P [-c <command devices list>] [-s <SCP Server_IP_Address>]
    • -U: To update the command device
    • -m: Bare metal server IP address
    • -P: Enter the node CLI username and password, UCP Advisor user name and password when prompted.
    • -c: Specify the Linux device names of the command devices that were provisioned.
    • -s: (Optional) SCP server IP address.
    For example:
    sudo ./installer -U -m -P -c sdb sdc
  4. Enter y when prompted.

    After a successful installation, the following message is displayed:

    "Congratulations, the upgrade was successful."

  5. Verify that the command devices were successfully added. In a web browser, enter the following URL:
    This lists all the command devices.
    Sample output:
    {"cmdDevices" :
    			"devicePath" : "/dev/sdd",		
    			"identity"  :
    				"deviceClass" : "RAID",
    				"deviceID" : 410117,
    				"deviceModel" : "VSP_G400_G600",
    				"deviceType" : "VSP_FX00",
    				"logicalUnitId" : 9550,
    				"naaId" : "naa.60060e80122785005040278500002S4e"
    			 "isCommandDevice" : true,
    			 "isRemoteCommandDevice" : false,
    			 "productId" : "OPEN-V-CM",
    			 "vendorId" : "HITACHI"
    		 {      "devicePath" : "/dev/sde",
    			 "identity"  :
    				"deviceClass" : "RAID",
    				"deviceID" : 40001,
    				"deviceModel" : "UNKNOWN",
    				"deviceType" : "VSP_5X00H",
    				"logicalUnitId" : 89,
    				"naaId" : "naa.60060e80089c410000509c4100000059"
    			 "isCommandDevice" : true,
    			 "isRemoteCommandDevice" : false,
    			 "productId" : "OPEN-V-CM",
    			 "vendorId" : "HITACHI"