Installing the UCP Advisor software on a bare metal server

Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Software Installation Guide

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Installing UCP Advisor on a bare metal server requires you to first install the operating system, verify that the hardware resource requirements are met, and then run the installation script on the bare metal host.

Important: Verify that the host name does not include an underscore (_).
  1. Install Oracle Linux 8.8 with the correct disk and partitions. See "Bare metal server" table in UCP Advisor resource requirements.
  2. Download the ucpadvisor-air-gapped-v4.5.0-88.tar.gz file from the Hitachi Support Connect Portal (login required):
    1. Log on to Hitachi Support Connect Portal using your credentials.
    2. On the Software Download tab, select UCP Advisor.
    3. From the Versions list, select version 4.5.0.
    4. Locate and download the UCP Advisor Installation Media to a local directory on your laptop.
    5. Extract the UCP Advisor Installation Media, which includes the ucpadvisor-air-gapped-v4.5.0-88.tar.gz file.
  3. Verify that the following Linux commands are enabled on the bare metal server:

    tar, nmcli, lvm, ipcalc, zip, unzip, sshpass, network-scripts, bind-utils

You can install UCP Advisor as one of the following user:
  • root
  • ucpadmin
  • custom user linux account created by using the ./ script
  1. Log on to the bare metal server as a root user.
  2. (Optional) Provision command devices on the bare metal server.
  3. Change the Linux kernel to RHCK kernel. Enter:
    sudo grubby --set-default "/boot/vmlinuz-4.18.0-477.10.1.el8_8.x86_64"
  4. Reboot the bare metal server.
  5. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the ucpadvisor-air-gapped-v4.5.0-88.tar.gz file, and extract the upgrade package. Enter:
    tar -xvzf ucpadvisor-air-gapped-v4.5.0-88.tar.gz
  6. (Optional) Create a custom user Linux account to install UCP Advisor.
    1. Navigate to the /installer/scripts folder. Enter:
      $ ./

      When prompted, enter the username and password for the Linux account.


      $ ./
      Enter the Linux account name (default: ucpadmin):
      Enter the new password for ucpadmin:
      useradd: warning: the home directory already exists.
      Not copying any file from skel directory into it.
      Creating mailbox file: File exists
      Changing password for user ucpadmin.
      passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.
      /tmp/sudoers.tmp: parsed OK
      Successfully created Linux account (ucpadmin) and add sudo commands into /etc/sudoers
      In future, please use Linux account (ucpadmin) to install/upgrade UCPAdvisor.
  7. Add the bare metal server IP address to the apiserver_advertise_address parameter. Perform the following steps:
    1. Log on to the bare metal server.
    2. Navigate to the /installer folder.
    3. Open the config.toml file in edit mode. Enter:
      vi config.toml
    4. Add the bare metal server IP address to the apiserver_advertise_address parameter. Enter:
      apiserver_advertise_address=Bare_Metal_Server_IP Address"
    5. Exit the edit mode. Press the Esc key.
    6. Save the changes: Enter:
  8. Navigate to the /installer folder to install UCP Advisor. Enter:
    Note: If you want to install UCP Advisor as a ucpadmin or the customer user linux account, then relogin to the bare metal server with those credentials and then run the command.
    sudo ./installer -m <Bare metal server IP address> [-P|<-u <username> -p <password>] [-c <command devices list>] <-s <SCP server IP address> [-lsd SDX]
    • -m: Bare metal server IP address
    • -P | <-u -p>: If you use the -u -p options, you must enter the username and password in the command. However, if you use the -P option, then you must enter the username and password when prompted.
    • -c: (Optional) Specify the list of command devices that must be used.
    • -s: SCP server IP address
    • -lsd: (Optional) Specify is you want to use LVM to back up or restore the /root disk partition. Use the 200 GB Linux device to create the LVM snapshot.
    For example:
    sudo ./installer -m -u ucpadmin -p Password -c sdb sdc -s -lsd SDX 
    Note: If you want to install UCP Advisor as a root user, you must log on to the bare metal server with the root user credentials.
    After UCP Advisor is successfully installed, the following message is displayed on the console:
    Congratulations, the installation is successful. The UCP Advisor console UI should be available at https://<IP address>
    In future, if user wants to add or remove command device, must do it on <IP address>
  1. Access the UCP Advisor UI.
    1. Copy the IP address in the UCP Advisor installation successful message to a browser.
      Image displaying UCP Advisor login screen

    2. Enter the default credentials:
      • Username: ucpadmin
      • Password: overrunsurveysroutewarnssent
    3. Reset the default password.
  2. If you configured command devices during UCP Advisor installation, verify that they are successfully added. In a web browser, enter the following URL:

    This lists all the command devices.

  3. (Optional) Provision a new command device for the bare metal server. See Provisioning a command device for standalone bare metal server.
  4. Begin adding:
    • Users and groups: see "Managing users and groups" in the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Administration Guide.
    • UCP systems and devices: see "Adding devices to a UCP system" in the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Advisor Administration Guide.