ShadowImage pair issues and corrective actions

ShadowImage User Guide

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The following table lists issues and suggested corrective actions for troubleshooting SI pairs in HDvM - SN.


Corrective action

HDvM - SN hangs, or SI pair tasks are not properly performed.

  • Make sure all SI requirements and restrictions are met.
  • Make sure the storage system is powered on and fully functional.
  • Make sure the input values and parameters on the SI windows are correct (such as P-VOL and S-VOL IDs).
  • If resynchronization (Normal Resync or Quick Resync) is performed for a pair immediately after a Quick Split is performed for the pair, resynchronization might end abnormally. After performing a Quick Split, wait approximately 20 seconds before the resynchronization operation.

The volume pairs are not displaying correctly.

Select the correct volumes.

An SI error message is displayed in HDvM - SN during a task.

In HDvM - SN, check if there is an error message for the failed task.

Note: You can use HDvM - SN to set up email notifications of errors that occur during pair tasks.

For more information about managing your tasks and setting up email notifications, see the System Administrator Guide.

For a list of error codes and corrective actions, see Hitachi Device Manager - Storage Navigator Messages.

Pair status is incorrect (or unexpected).

The pair might have been suspended or deleted from the UNIX/PC server host using a CCI command. If this did not happen, then the storage system detected an error condition during SI tasks. Check the HDvM - SN error log. If necessary, contact customer support.