Select Pair Configuration window

ShadowImage User Guide

Part Number

Use this window of the Create SI Pairs wizard to configure the pairs you plan to create.

The following image shows this window of the Create SI Pairs wizard.

The following table describes the items in this window.



Copy Type (VSP 5000 series)

The copy type.


  • ShadowImage (default)
  • ShadowImage for Mainframe

Emulation Type (VSP 5000 series)

The emulation type.

Pair Topology Type

The SI pair configuration.


  • Cleared but available: You can configure the pair.
  • Selected but not available: The SI pair exists.
  • Cleared but not available: You cannot configure the pair.
  • Select All: Selects all configurations.

This item is displayed only if you specify ShadowImage as Copy Type.

Number of Secondary Volumes (VSP 5000 series)

Displayed when ShadowImage for Mainframe is selected as Copy Type.

The total number of S-VOLs assigned to the P-VOL. This value includes the volumes for pairs that you are creating and volumes in existing pairs.

Default: 1

Initial MU Number (VSP 5000 series)

Displayed when ShadowImage for Mainframe is selected as Copy Type.

The initial MU number.

Split Type

The split type.


  • Non Split (default): The pair is not split.
  • Quick Split: The pair is split, and then the data is copied so that the S-VOL is immediately available for read and write I/O. Any remaining differential data is copied to the S-VOL in the background.
  • Steady Split: Differential data is copied, and then the pair is split.

Copy Pace

The system option that determines the rate at which you want the storage system to copy data.


  • Slower: Improved host server I/O performance but slower processing speed.
  • Medium (default): Average processing speed and host server I/O performance.
  • Faster: Faster processing speed but slower host server I/O performance.