ShadowImage licensed capacity requirements

ShadowImage User Guide

Part Number

The capacity of P-VOLs and S-VOLs must be less than or equal to the installed license capacity. Volume capacity is counted only once, even if you use the volume more than once. You do not need to multiply the capacity by the number of times a volume is used (For example, a P-VOL used as the source volume for three pairs is counted only once).

For a normal volume, the total volume capacity is counted, but for a DP-VOL (a virtual volume used in Dynamic Provisioning, Dynamic Tiering, or active flash), the pool capacity being used by the volume is counted. For the volume with the capacity saving enabled, the licensed capacity is the data capacity before saving. The pair with the available licensed capacity exceeded cannot be created.

After you start performing pair tasks, monitor your capacity requirements to keep the used capacity within the capacity of the installed license.

You can continue using ShadowImage volumes in pairs for 30 days after licensed capacity is exceeded, regardless of whether a normal volume or a DP-VOL is used. After 30 days, the only allowed operation is pair deletion. The problem of exceeding the licensed capacity can be resolved by reducing the capacity to less than or equal to the licensed capacity. However, the warning message will remain displayed. The warning message is updated once a day, therefore when the problem is resolved, the warning message will automatically disappear within 24 hours.

For more information about licenses, see the System Administrator Guide.