Monitoring ShadowImage pair synchronization rates

ShadowImage User Guide

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You can view the percentage of synchronized data between the P-VOL and S-VOL from the View Pair Synchronization Rate window.

In CCI, use the pairdisplay command.
  1. In the Explorer pane, click Storage Systems, expand the storage system tree, and then click Replication > Local Replication.
  2. In the Local Replication window, select the SI Pairs tab.
  3. On the SI Pairs tab, select the pair, and then click More Actions > View Pair Synchronization Rate.
  4. On the View Pair Synchronization Rate window, click Refresh to show the latest synchronization rate.
    Note: If you close the window, information in the Local Replication window might not be up to date. Click the refresh icon to refresh the information in the window.