Monitoring and maintaining ShadowImage

ShadowImage User Guide

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Monitor your SI system on an ongoing basis to keep track of pairs and volumes and their current and past conditions. You can monitor pair status as well as pair synchronization rates, and you can check the pair task history to review and confirm replication operations.

Note: The following maintenance activities do not affect your SI replication pairs:
  • Cache maintenance can reduce overall performance and should be scheduled during times of low system activity.
  • Maintenance of physical disk drives that provision LDEVs used by SI can be performed without impacting SI.
  • If a physical device failure occurs, the pair status is not affected because of the RAID architecture.
  • If a physical device failure requires the storage system to use dynamic sparing or automatic correction copy, the pair status is not be affected.
  • If an LDEV failure occurs, the storage system suspends the pair.
  • If an SI pair is using an LDEV, certain activities are not allowed. You can only block (for maintenance), format, or restore an LDEV that is in use by only a pair in PSUE status.