Items to consider before deleting ShadowImage pairs

ShadowImage User Guide

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Review the following list to understand what happens after an SI pair is deleted.

  • If an SI pair is deleted, the volume status changes from SMPL(PD) to SMPL. When the status changes to SMPL, the pair is no longer displayed in the window. You can use the pairdisplay command of CCI to check the volume status, but this command cannot differentiate SMPL from SMPL(PD). To differentiate them in CCI, use the inqraid command to check if the volume is used by SI. If it is used by SI, the status is SMPL(PD). If it is not used by SI, the status is SMPL.
  • After deleting an SI pair, if the number of pairs displayed in the summary section and the number of listed pairs in the HDvM - SN window are different, configuration might being changed. Wait a while, and then select File > Refresh All to update the configuration information.