Workflow for creating ShadowImage pairs

ShadowImage User Guide

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Complete the following steps to create an SI pair:

  1. If you are creating L1 and L2 pairs, check the status (see L1, L2 pair status and supported pair tasks).
  2. Select the volume that you want to duplicate. This becomes the primary volume (P-VOL).
    Note: In Device Manager - Storage Navigator (HDvM - SN), the source volume is called "P-VOL" and the destination volume is called "S-VOL."

    You cannot use volumes in use by SI as destination volumes.

  3. Identify the volume that will contain the copy. This becomes the secondary volume (S-VOL).

    If you are creating L1 and L2 pairs with different topologies, specify the pair configuration settings (see Creating L1 and L2 pairs with different topologies in HDvM - SN).

  4. Create the pair by associating the P-VOL and the S-VOLs (see Creating ShadowImage pairs in HDvM - SN).

    The storage system starts the initial copy (see Initial copy workflow).

  5. (Optional) Suppress copy processing (see Suppressing update copy operations).