Workflow for implementing data encryption

Encryption License Key User Guide

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Use the following workflow to implement data encryption on your storage system:

  1. If you plan to use a key management server, configure the key management server first.

    For details, see Key management server connections.

  2. On the storage system, install the license key for the Encryption License Key software.

    For instructions, see Installing the license key for the Encryption License Key software.

  3. If you plan to enable regular backups on the key management server, designate the regular backup user.

    For instructions, see Designating the regular backup user.

  4. Configure the encryption environmental settings on the storage system.

    For instructions, see Performing the initial configuration of the encryption environmental settings.

  5. Create and back up the encryption keys.

    For details, see Creating and backing up encryption keys.

  6. Enable encryption on the desired parity groups.

    For instructions, see Enabling encryption.