Retrying acquisition of the key encryption key

Encryption License Key User Guide

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If your storage system is configured to acquire the key encryption key (KEK) from the key management server when the storage system starts and the acquisition of the KEK fails, you can retry the acquisition of the KEK.

  • You must have the Security Administrator (View & Modify) role.
  1. On the Explorer pane, select Administration, and then select Encryption Keys.
  2. On the Encryption Keys tab, select More Actions > Retry Key Encryption Key Acquisition.
  3. In the Retry Key Encryption Key Acquisition window, confirm the settings, and enter your task name in Task Name.
    If you want the Tasks window to open after you click Apply, select Go to tasks window for status.
  4. Click Apply.

After retrying the acquisition of the KEK, you need to restore the encrypting back-end modules, encrypting controllers, and blocked drives or blocked volumes. For assistance, contact customer support.