Exporting the encryption key information

Encryption License Key User Guide

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You can export the encryption key information displayed in the Encryption Keys window. The exported file includes the serial number of the storage system, the SVP firmware version, the date and time the file was exported, the filter conditions for the encryption key list, and the following information for each key:
  • Key ID: ID of the encryption key
  • Created: Date and time the encryption key was created
  • Attribute: Attribute of the encryption key (CEK, DEK, KEK, or Free)
  • Assigned to: Resource to which the encryption key is assigned
  • Generated on: Location or path to which the key was generated
  • Number of backups: Number of times the key was backed up
  • You must have the Security Administrator (View & Modify) role.
  1. On the Explorer pane, select Administration, and then select Encryption Keys.
  2. On the Encryption Keys tab, select the key IDs for the encryption key information you want to export.
    If you do not select any key IDs, information for all keys will be exported.
    Tip: If desired, filter the list of encryption keys, and then export the filtered key information.
  3. Click More Actions > Export.
  4. When the Ready to Download message appears, click OK.